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The idea that colour choice affects mood and behaviour has been around for a long time.

Colour creates a powerful emotional stimulus and can stimulate, energise, inspire, calm, soothe, or focus your visitors & employees. Studies have found that colours evoke similar responses in most people.

The type of business you are in and the environment you wish to create will be a determining factor in the colour you choose for your office fitout and design and furniture. So they should correspond with the type of business being conducted and the workplace culture you are attempting to foster.

Serious & Conservative…

Offices of corporate and more serious types of businesses such as bankers, accountants, lawyers and financial advisers often use natural colours like beige or light grey combined with prominent wood-grain finishes in the office furniture to achieve a refined and sophisticated look. 

These colours should be balanced with some colour highlights as they can also give the impression of being boring and dull.

Bright & Cheerful…

Not all businesses will benefit by using colours that are good for corporate businesses. In other offices you need to look at the degree of seriousness of the business and choose colours appropriately.

In general, the brighter the colours used the less serious the business. You need to choose colours appropriate to the age of your clients, their cultural background, whether male or female and the type of business you are promoting.

What Colour means what…?

Blue denotes honesty, loyalty, wisdom, conservatism, security and confidence.

Green is calming, suggesting security, growth and money and dark green is often used by corporate businesses to indicate wealth and prestige.

The power colours of navy blue, dark green and burgundy give a message of control, responsibility, and confidence.

If you want to instil a feeling of cleanliness like in a hospital or cafeteria, use white and for a touch of luxury and elegance, choose a black and white scheme.

For General Office spaces…

With general office space you need to understand the messages of the colours you choose so you can create the effect you want.

Blues and greens will keep a calm atmosphere, but too much of these colours may decrease staff morale. Adding a small amount of red, orange or yellow somewhere in the space will increase the energy flow and enhance productivity.

Too much red and aggression and anger may be the result, too much orange will create a social and talkative atmosphere, while too much yellow will cause anxiety and stress in some.

Adding colours does not have to be a massive project. In some instances the easiest way of injecting colour into the workplace may be through your office furniture. 

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