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Organisational 'silo' syndrome is a mind-set where barriers develop between and among an organisation's departments and functions.The term 'silo' is a metaphor suggesting a similarity between grain silos that segregate one type of grain from another and the segregated parts of an organisation. Organisational silos are a problem for businesses both small and large and no business, institution, or government department is immune from it.

Have you ever stopped to consider where the idea of the office desk you sit at each day came from?

Of course, desks of some description have been in use since the earliest of times, but the office desk as we know it has evolved over more than three centuries with many revolutions along the way.

The height of your office screens impacts immensely on both the visual and acoustic privacy in your office. Choosing the best screen height requires finding a balance between the physical needs and the culture of your company.

The introduction of laptop computers, smart phones, tablets and wireless connectivity has facilitated, or rather forced, a noticeable shift in the nature of office design. These rapid advancements in technology have allowed workers to work anywhere at any time and brought with it a higher level of mobility...and a rethink of office furniture design.

Modular workstations offer the most effective and affordable solution for today’s workplace and are used by most businesses because of their versatility and efficient use of space…

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