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Today’s office desk is no longer a rectangular table with maybe a set drawers as was the case in years gone by…Today’s office desk is a complete office workstation that supports the varied  tasks that you perform each day whilst also accommodating your power and data requirements.


Most modern offices incorporate at least some open plan office workstations. It is important when planning for these areas that future expansion and reconfiguration are considered. The most common workstation shapes used in Office fitouts in Perth WA are the straight office desks and the l shape corner desk or office workstation. The latter style of workstation shape offering more space for both computer and paper based tasks. There is an increasing trend towards using straight office desks in combination with a mobile storage caddy set at right angles to the desk forming a return. This not only provides more flexibility in that it can be moved around, but also offers storage negating the need for stand-alone office bookcases and cupboards.

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Maximum flexibility in office workstation areas is achieved through the use of generic workstation sizes and shapes, configured in varying open plan groups to suit teams and tasks. Office workstation layouts should be modular, with the least number of variations possible to facilitate future rearrangement if necessary. Choose the workstation size according to the tasks performed by the user rather than job classification or status. Generally a combination of paper and computer based tasks will require more space than computer based tasks only.


The design and layout of the meeting spaces within your office fitout is very important to consider and should be carefully thought out. They are the primary areas where ideas are exchanged, information is traded, new ideas are hatched and big decisions are made.

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