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Title: Why Convertible Workstations Can Help Your Team Collaborate

Description: Office workstations play an extremely important role in employee performance. Read our new blog post on why convertible workstations can help your team.

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When it comes to office design, furniture is often left to the last minute. A desk isn’t as ‘sexy’ as that new computer or coffee machine. But office workstations are Office workstations play an extremely important role in employee performance.


Title: The Benefits of a Pet Friendly Workplace

Description: There are multiple benefits in having a pet-friendly workplace. Read our new blog post and discover why pets in the workplace can have a positive impact.

Keywords: pet friendly workplace, workplace, office friendly, productivity

Pitch ‘bring your pet to work day’ will be easy with pet friendly furniture. No longer do you have to deal with puppy dog eyes every time you walk out the door. And for managers and business owners, pet friendly workplaces attract millennials. It’s a win-win.


Title: How to Increase Productivity with a Colour Coordinated Workspace

Description: Colour can drastically change a workspace. Read our new post on selecting positive colours for your workspace to increase motivation and happiness.

Keywords: office workspace, colour coordinated workspace, office colour, productivity

Have you ever walked into a red room and felt overwhelmed? That’s because colours have a ‘personality’. Give thought to your office furniture colours and how they affect your employees.


Title: 5 Trends Influencing Workplace Design

Description: Keeping up with the latest office trends escapes us all. Read our new post on the 5 latest trends influencing workplace design.

Keywords: workplace design, office trends, office design, workplace trends

No two offices are the same. This can pose a challenge to find furniture that suits your space. New ways of working, like standing desks, are starting to become normal in offices. It's best to choose flexible workstations, so you can continue to evolve your work norm.


An office partition is the perfect finishing touch on an open plan office. Whether you’re working from home or managing a team in a big office, focus is key. Our environment plays an important role in how productive we are.

Just try and work in front of a loud TV and you’ll see what we mean.

Of all the things that affect engagement, it’s the employee’s experience that’s at the core of this. When we talk about the physical workspace, it’s the one we can see, touch, taste, and smell – all of these senses matter. It’s the office floor plan, the wall art, and the people in the space.

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