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What is Noise?

Noise is defined as a sound that is loud or unpleasant that causes disturbance. Noise in the office can come from a variety of sources such as internal factors (printers, telephones, people and back ground noises from air conditioners and lifts) and external factors (street traffic & general industry noise).

worplace burnout - interia systems

It’s a challenge to define what burnout is and even more difficult to intercept it before it’s too advanced. Most people only become aware that they suffer from burnout when it’s progressed too far and then their challenge is to start dealing with the symptoms while also have to negotiate the stresses that caused the burnout in the first place.


Did you realise that the Perth Office Vacancy Rate is now well over 20% (the highest it has been in 21 years)?

This statistic isn't all bad news though as it has caused rents to drop around 40% from their highest point during the years of the mining boom. This will allow far more businesses to move into the premium locations which previously may have been well out of reach...

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Lighting is the cornerstone of the undertaking to assemble an appealing and functional space. More and more companies are beginning to realize that it has its rightful place on the long list of productivity hacks. Namely, the work environment heavily influences morale and engagement of workers, making a difference between a wasted workday and vigorous bursts of productivity. From the temperature and noise level to the color psychology, there are a lot of details to keep a close eye on. On top of being linked to people’s health and wellbeing, an office design also encompasses a company’s culture and identity. So, let there be light, and illuminate your path to the business success.

Office Storage

Office storage & filing is a huge issue for business owners and is very critical in keeping an efficient work place environment. Personal office space is being reduced in favor of more collaborative environments such as conference rooms, training rooms & break out areas. As work life & personal life becomes more entwined through the advancement of technology personal items such as gym backs, shoes & healthy snacks are finding their way into the office which in turn creates a need for more storage space. Effective storage solutions in the office set the tone for the entire working staff. Read on to find out how your business can benefit from having a professional storage solution.                

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