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By removing the physical barriers between staff, an open plan workstation system fosters an environment of enhanced collaboration and camaraderie. An open plan layout brings colleagues together, and removes the frustration and wasted time of trying to locate staff and schedule meetings. This increased collaboration leads to more effective problem solving and increased innovation. This also assists supervisors and managers, they are able to maintain regular contact with staff and likewise team members are able to reach management more quickly. Issues can be resolved much faster, which results in enhanced productivity.

Workstation Shapes


Rectangular Office Desks

The rectangular or straight desk may have workers sitting next to or opposite each other, or a straight desk can be attached to a spine of storage. This style of office -desk is very traditional and, with the advent of flat screen monitors, has emerged as very efficient in terms of space use.

Consider: This style is very space efficient and highly suited to touchdown desks or desks in rows.

Strengths/advantages: They provide a clean look, possibly enhance side-by-side collaboration work and are, good for circulation. Rectangular Desks are less space hungry than other workstation styles.


Activity Based Working (ABW) is a modern workplace philosophy that promotes flexible working, including workspaces that align the worker with the task rather than aligning the work with assigned fixed work points.


Did you know that for every $1 Million of Australian Made products sold, 10 new full-time jobs are created and almost $350 Thousand of Tax Revenue is generated? 

With Australian's moving away from purchasing Australian Made products, it is important to realise the significance of this trend.

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Shopping online today is fast becoming the most popular and best shopping method available. Online shopping today ranges from groceries, gadgets, appliances and even office furniture. Online shopping gives the consumer a host of advantages and Interia Systems has put together a list of some of the benefits of purchasing using this method of buying.

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