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How to Organise Your Desk

Does your office desk always look like a bomb’s hit it? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with keeping their little slice of office real estate neat and tidy. Work just seems to take priority, but there’s value in keeping your desk organised.

Have you ever wasted minutes trying to find ‘that file’ or a pair of scissors? That could be spent in other, more productive ways. Set aside half an hour to restructure your desk and keep it that way. Here’s how you can do it:


How you organise your office is linked to factors like employee performance and satisfaction. Just like you want to live in an organised and clean home, the same goes for your office. It starts with your office storage.

Staying organised in an office of multiple people isn’t easy. Even the smallest of businesses struggle with this. ‘Don’t look at my desk, it’s messy’ is a common phrase that just about every employee has said at one point or another. But there’s great value in keeping an organised office.


Love your office but wish it was bigger? Starting small, until your company gets big? You can make the room work for you, with creative design. It starts with your computer desks.

It’s not the size that matters, but the design. While we’d all love to have large offices (with beach views), it’s not realistic. But that doesn’t mean you have to work in a shoebox. Your furniture takes up a lot of space in your office. By being smart with your choice of desks, chairs and tables, you can ‘expand’ the room.

As offices are shrinking, more people are talking about minimalism. Reducing clutter and finding storage alternatives for small spaces requires a touch of creativity. But it can be done.


What first comes to mind when you think of a big corporation? Suits, ties and a formal office. But just as the world of work is changing, so are workplaces. Trend-setting companies are paving the way for more relaxed office looks. Looking for the right office furniture, so it better suits your brand personality?

Okay, if we’re talking about big companies, we can’t leave out Google.

This internet giant’s laid-back corporate culture focuses on creativity and achievements.Google’s philosophy says it all: ‘You can be serious without a suit.’ And it’s not just their dress code that’s relaxed, but the overall look of the headquarters matches this vibe.Think ping pong, free snacks, video games, ‘huddle’ rooms for breaks, a gym, hairdresser, and car washes. There’s nothing corporate about Google.

choosing right office chair

Do you experience back pain after a long day of work? Maybe your team are constantly stretching. These are signs that it’s time to replace your office chairs.

Think about the number of hours you spend sitting down. Your office chair and the position you sit can add stress to the structure of your spine. It’s important that your chairs are ergonomically-designed so that it supports the lower back and encourages good posture.

Choosing your office chairs.

When adding chairs to your office, make sure they have these ergonomic principles.Investing in quality furniture can, in fact, save you money. You’ll experience less absences from work and your employees will be happier and healthier.

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