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We all know the saying, time is money. And this rings true for office environments. The more emphasis you can place on a healthy design, the better engaged your team will be. Creating a positive, healthy space for them to work will boost productivity, and in turn, your bottom line

When we talk about a healthy office, we don’t just mean cleanliness – although a neat and tidy space is a great place to start. Take a minimalist approach to your design. Cluttered offices can make your team overwhelmed. Encourage everyone to limit the number of personal items on their desks. While it’s nice to have a plant or photo, too many things just make it harder to work.


Like in offices, school furniture plays an important role in student engagement. The better the desks and chairs they’re using, the easier it is for them to concentrate. Kids aren’t aware of their posture and maintaining good physical stance. This is why investing in ergonomic furniture is essential. If children are comfortable, they’re likely to be more attentive and focused on learning.

Investing in quality furniture will help them develop their mind, as well as take care of their back. When shopping for furniture, keep in mind the age of your students. Five year olds will have different needs to say, 10 year olds.

The younger the students, you’ll likely choose individual desks and chairs. Adjust the height based on the child’s needs. This is the advantage of choosing ergonomic, flexibly-designed furniture. It’s not a cookie-cutter solution but rather, focused on what the student requires to learn.

Why Invest In Company Culture

Company culture Company culture is more important than many businesses give attention to. It plays a key role in almost every part of it – the talent you attract, productivity, satisfaction, and growth.

It’s not just something you to find great staff, but to retain and engage them for years, too. Businesses have become more flexible to cater for new ways of working. Striking that perfect work/life balance is critical for every worker, young and old.

Millennials are basing the jobs they apply for on more than just the role itself. Investing in a strong company culture can help your business be heard – and just as important, continues to engage with them.

And if you don’t believe us, here’s an interesting fact: Companies in the top-quartile of employee engagement are 22% more profitable than those in the bottom-quartile (according to a Gallup meta-analysis).

How to Plan a Successful Office Relocation

Office relocation projects can be tricky. It’s not as simple as a house move, where you can round up your buddies to help, in exchange for beer. When moving office locations, you have a range of factors to consider – employee workflow, customer visits, phone calls, and noise.


If you’re moving into a new office or redesigning an old space, partner with an office furniture company. It can be difficult to know what to invest your money on – that extra desk, a new computer or partitions. Having a professional team to guide you through the process will help you design a space that reflects the future growth of your company.

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