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You’re going to want to be standing for this. There’s one office design feature that the most forward thinking companies are embracing – standing desks.

Our bodies aren’t designed to sit down all day. When we’re constantly in our seats, for eight hours, pain and fatigue starts to occur. But tiredness is the least of our problems. Sedentary lifestyles can, in fact, cut years off our lives.


Technology is changing our lives, particularly our work. Now, we can ‘pool’ our car ride into work with an app and talk to clients on the other side of the world from our desk.

When we think about office furniture and fitouts, it’s important to consider the technology available and how we can best integrate it.


The world of work is changing. New technologies are evolving the way we work. Office fitouts and design are a hot topic, as employers look to grow alongside these changes.

Walk into any office and you’ll see a visible difference from say 10 years ago. Mobile phones sit on every desk, next to a laptop. The office cubicle is becoming an outdated concept, as more companies are embracing an open, collective space.


The office environment can have a big impact on your work and it’s important that you have a well-designed workplace as this can significantly influence productivity. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t place much emphasis on office design which can impact negatively on the workplace. Today, we’ll be look at our top office design tips to have your workplace looking great and functioning optimally.


School furniture plays a major role in the effectiveness of student learning. Comfort, posture and support all affect our ability to concentrate and work. The same goes for students.

For schools, this opens an opportunity to improve student engagement by focusing on student furniture. High furniture, sit-stand furniture, and tilt tables have been recognised as positive learning equipment.

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