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If there’s one type of office furniture that gets used the most it’s your chairs. But because they’re always being used, it’s hard to keep them cleaned. At Interia Systems, we’re office chair specialists in Melbourne. Keeping your chairs in good condition are important – not only from an aesthetics perspective but also to maintain health in your office.

Let’s go through some general office chair care tips to maximise the lifespan of your furniture.

. Test your cleaning techniques on small spot first

Before you apply a cleaning product to the entire surface, test it out somewhere that’s not visible. If anything goes wrong and the material doesn’t take to the cleaning product, you’ll know before it ruins the chair. Even if you’re just cleaning with soap, you never know how it’ll react with the surface. Testing is the best way to prevent damage.

. Remove stains immediately

The quicker you can remove a stain, the better. Don’t let it sit for days or weeks because it’ll be harder to come off.

• Check a tag for cleaning instructions

Does the chair have a tag underneath that outlines the do’s and don’ts for cleaning it. Follow these tips to avoid any damage.


The Cleaning Process

Whether it’s a food or ink stain, office chairs are exposed to all types of blemishes. Get into the habit of encouraging your employees to regularly wipe down their workstations with a dry tag to remove dust or debris.

Purchase environmentally-friendly dishwashing liquid that’s free from nasty chemicals. You want it to be as kind to the surface as possible. Mix two teaspoons with a cup of warm water and use this to clean the chairs.

Dip a rag into the water and gently dab the stains. Once it’s gone, rinse the area with clean water and leave it out to dry. Don’t sit on the chair during this time.

Another great product to use is automotive upholstery cleaner. This product usually only takes a few minutes to dry and it’s a heavy-duty solution. Just be sure to cross-check the product material with the solution you decide to use.

Maintaining good looking office chairs takes effort. But if you can instil these habits, your furniture will last longer. Encourage your team to take breaks and move away from their desks. This will minimise food and drink stains, as well as give your team more energy for the rest of the day.


If an accident does happen, take a few minutes and clean it up properly. This will make life easier for you in the long-run. Invest in an upholstery protection spray to help prevent stains from settling into the fabric. Leave this in a mutually accessible area.

Office chairs in Melbourne

We sell a wide range of different chair types – ergonomic, adjustable, mesh and fabric, and leather styles. If you’re looking to update your chairs, you’ll find the products you need through us. And if you need something special, our designers can custom make it.

Give your team the support they need.


It takes thought and investment to deck out your office. While it’s easy just to pick up a few pieces of office furniture in Melbourne, for a productive space it’s best to spend a little bit more and get it right. We all know the saying: Time is money. This rings true when it comes to the connection between your workspace and how well it operates.

But what about all the other things that your office or staff need? Shouldn’t that money go to that when you’ve already got furniture set up? Well, of course, it depends what it is. If your business can’t run without it and you’ve already got desks and chairs, then yes. However, in the long-term, quality office furniture is extremely important.


When it comes to designing your office, there’s no one way of doing it. Every business has different requirements, which should form the basis of the restructure. The Interia Systems team are office fitout specialists in Melbourne. Let’s go through a few of the do’s and don’ts of office designs.

The first thing to understand is that offices are meant to be fluid, just like your business. As your needs, clients and staff change, so should your office. If something’s not working for you, change it. While it might take some time, it’s a smart investment.


Is your Melbourne office small? Does it always feel like you’re a little cramped? While having a roomy and open office is ideal, it’s not realistic or economical. With rent being one of the most biggest expenses for businesses, it doesn’t make sense to spend thousands more on a little extra space.

Instead, change your mindset. Educate yourself on the different strategies you can take to maximise your office, no matter how small it is.

Here are a few tips to get you thinking about what you can do.


You just have to do a quick Google search to see the growing list of co-working office space. This office style takes collaborative working to the next level. Many businesses in Melbourne and other cities are ditching the traditional offices for shared spaces for a wide range of reasons.

Motivation #1? Cost. By downsizing your office space and moving to co-working, you’ll save money on rent. Have you noticed that sometimes your current office is packed, while times it’s empty? During those quiet times, you’re paying for space that’s barely being used.

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