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How to Plan a Successful Office Relocation

Office relocation projects can be tricky. It’s not as simple as a house move, where you can round up your buddies to help, in exchange for beer. When moving office locations, you have a range of factors to consider – employee workflow, customer visits, phone calls, and noise.


If you’re moving into a new office or redesigning an old space, partner with an office furniture company. It can be difficult to know what to invest your money on – that extra desk, a new computer or partitions. Having a professional team to guide you through the process will help you design a space that reflects the future growth of your company.


When you hire new staff, do you have a dedicated room for this? An office training room is an important part of design that many companies forget.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your team is, training is something that needs to constantly happen. But it’s not easy to teach new people about your business (or upskill current staff) without a comfortable area to do it in. Today, we rely on technology to help us train others – so accessibility to power points, internet, and appropriate workspaces is essential.

How to Set Up Your Office Workstations

Designing your office is fun. It’s probably something you’ve always dreamed of, back when you were working for someone else. But every space is different and requires forethought for design elements. For office space planning tips, stay close.

Have you ever been in an office that was just impossible to work in? Modern offices lack communication and collaboration elements in their layout. To increase workflow and engagement, a few simple changes to how your space is used can work wonders. Let’s first look at what office space planning is.

How to Set Up Your Office Workstations
Set up your office workstations correctly and you’ll boost productivity. Often, people let ergonomic principles slip, as convenience takes priority. This is when accidents happen and health issues occur. Take a proactive approach to OH&S, and check these five things in your office.

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