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If you sit for long periods, like a lot of us do at our desks you are susceptible to a plethora of health issues such as obesity. This isn’t meant to scare you but rather, educate you on the importance of being mindful about your office space and the importance of ergonomic furniture. Read our blog post for more.

The Importance Of An Organised Office 2

Ever tried to work in an unorganised desk? It’s a minimalist’s nightmare. A clean, tidy workspace starts with thoughtful office fitout design. Your space should be constructed to suit your changing needs. It requires an idea of where (and how) you’re planning to evolve.

How to Choose the Right Conference Table Shape to Improve Your Business 2

Depending on how big your office is, you probably have a conference table – the centre piece to your meeting room. It’s a specific piece of furniture that caters for a range of people. There’s nothing worse than trying to communicate a new idea or listen to a speaker sitting at a small table or even worse – resting a notepad on your legs, your makeshift desk.

It pays to invest in quality furniture in your conference or meeting room. That is, furniture that’s custom made for unique tasks that take place in there. When you need to make important decisions, there’s great value in sitting face to face around a table.

Coworking Space Design The Dos Donts 2

With technology blurring borders and making it easier to work with clients no matter where they are, co-working spaces have risen in popularity. It’s not just for freelancers and contractors, but also SMEs. Companies are hiring out rooms or ‘pods’ in collaborative working spaces to network with other brands, boost creativity, and often, to save money. A lot of the office fitout is done for you already.

But just because you’re working in this collaborative setting, it’s still important to think about the use of space. It’s great that the kitchen, bathrooms and hang out areas are already taken care of, but you can’t forget the most important part of your ‘office’: the workstations.

5 Signs You Should Replace Your Office Desk 2

Unless your office desk is broken (or looking like it), you’re probably not thinking about replacing it. But it doesn’t just need to be falling apart or looking old for you to buy a new one. There’s plenty of other motivations, like if you’re shifting focus from a traditional space to open plan.

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