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When you hire new staff, do you have a dedicated room for this? An office training room is an important part of design that many companies forget.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your team is, training is something that needs to constantly happen. But it’s not easy to teach new people about your business (or upskill current staff) without a comfortable area to do it in. Today, we rely on technology to help us train others – so accessibility to power points, internet, and appropriate workspaces is essential.

How to Set Up Your Office Workstations

Designing your office is fun. It’s probably something you’ve always dreamed of, back when you were working for someone else. But every space is different and requires forethought for design elements. For office space planning tips, stay close.

Have you ever been in an office that was just impossible to work in? Modern offices lack communication and collaboration elements in their layout. To increase workflow and engagement, a few simple changes to how your space is used can work wonders. Let’s first look at what office space planning is.

How to Set Up Your Office Workstations
Set up your office workstations correctly and you’ll boost productivity. Often, people let ergonomic principles slip, as convenience takes priority. This is when accidents happen and health issues occur. Take a proactive approach to OH&S, and check these five things in your office.

Choose the Right Café Tables
Do your staff always go to a local café on their break? If they always run back, flustered, rushed for time, consider creating your own ‘café.’ Design a cool lunch room space for your staff to hang out in. Start by adding café tables and chairs.

Coffee shop style break rooms

Have you ever worked for a company that doesn’t really have a break room or kitchen? There’s nowhere to eat your lunch or spend time with other team members.

The Essential Elements of an Ideal Workspace

Have you ever tried working, huddled up on the couch, watching TV? It’s difficult. This is because your surroundings play a huge role in productivity. If you want to encourage positive workspaces for your team, start by investing in a modular workstation.

Studies have shown that it’s not just your workspace that affects your day – but what’s around it, too. Your space should work for you. In other words, it should be designed according to your needs and working style.

Setting up your workstation for you means adjusting your desk height, creating distance between you and the computer screen, and choosing colours that bring you good vibes.

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