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This is a tag of war, working from home vs. working from the office. The digital era has made it easier for some to work from home but others have argued working in an office environment is more productive. I agree, working from home is the goal but from my experience working from the office is better. These are some of the reasons why working from home is better:

Office Space

The office is not just a place where employees go about their daily tasks: it’s one of the critical pillars of sustainable business growth, and as such, it should be chosen with due care. In order to pull out all stops to peak performance metrics and employee engagement, every company should go over a number of commercial property aspects which impact both short- and long-term business conduct before it settles with the first office it stumbles across on the market. While the list of factors that have a hand in the final decision varies by industry and business-specific margins and objectives, there are five key conditions which an office needs to meet before it can earn the title of your company’s HQ.

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An open office plan seems to be all the rage, a design force shifting the interior business landscape of today. It was given birth in the tech industry, and over time, it has spread to established sectors such as advertising and media. Now, the discussion about office spaces has become more people-centric, instead of focusing on pure design principles. The visual appeal also grows strong in open offices, acting as a centerpiece of the company’s brand identity. Yet, after years of proliferation, open offices have faced fierce critique, which we will address in the article as well. 

Office Happier Place

What’s the key motivating factor at the work place? Majority think it’s the paycheck but research has shown that it’s the happiness found among employees. Employees who are happy work harder and are more driven to achieve results. They are also more fulfilled and satisfied. In such a workplace, there is less stress and frustration.

This article will share 5 tips on increasing happiness at the workplace and making your employees have morale and be more productive.

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Know Your Options 

Premises are regarded as the cornerstone of business success, an indispensable piece of the big puzzle. Still, when companies grow out of their offices, they struggle to find a new base of operations, or expand the present one. This reveals that improvement projects need to be conducted not only in core business areas (such as accounting and financial management), but also the space your enterprise occupies. Rearranging piles of paper will not cut it— there are many inexpensive options you can try out, but the investment of time and money is paramount.


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