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Coworking Space Design The Dos Donts 2

With technology blurring borders and making it easier to work with clients no matter where they are, co-working spaces have risen in popularity. It’s not just for freelancers and contractors, but also SMEs. Companies are hiring out rooms or ‘pods’ in collaborative working spaces to network with other brands, boost creativity, and often, to save money. A lot of the office fitout is done for you already.

But just because you’re working in this collaborative setting, it’s still important to think about the use of space. It’s great that the kitchen, bathrooms and hang out areas are already taken care of, but you can’t forget the most important part of your ‘office’: the workstations.

5 Signs You Should Replace Your Office Desk 2

Unless your office desk is broken (or looking like it), you’re probably not thinking about replacing it. But it doesn’t just need to be falling apart or looking old for you to buy a new one. There’s plenty of other motivations, like if you’re shifting focus from a traditional space to open plan.

The Benefits of Showing Off Your Workplace on Social Media 2

Social media can be a tricky business. As managers and owners, it can be difficult to change your mindset on using Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to showcase your business. Who would want to see my workplace, right?

Social media is being used for more than just friend to friend contact. We’ve spoken before about company culture and why it’s an essential ingredient for successful businesses. Sharing on social media allows you to extend this onto your customers and the public, too. This will help your business stand out and make people want to work with you. If you show a place that’s supportive, hardworking, fun and innovative, chances are customers will favour you. Prospective talent also will.

How to Keep Active in the Office 2

It’s not easy to keep active when you’re working 9-5. Office jobs require you to sit down, typing away on a computer, discussing projects with clients, and taking notes in meetings. Sitting down for hours at a time is normal. And when you’re busy, with your mind focused in a task, forgetting to get up and move around happens. But just because you work in a corporate setting, it doesn’t mean you can’t be active. Let’s go through some office tips to help you stay fit, physically and mentally.

How to Get Rid of Your Old Office Desks 2

Are you upgrading your office desks? It’s a great time of year to do this. Out with the old and in with the new. But, what do you do with the old? It’s too good to throw away but no one else needs them. You’ve already set up your home office, too.

There are other options, like recycling, donating to charity or contacting the council. Let’s go through a few of these in detail so you’re not left scratching your head with what to do

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